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Trattoria da Mimmo is an ode to Chef Mimmo's years of experience – whether it's serving up the traditional Italian dishes everyone knows and loves, or crafting new combinations for a fresh twist on the classics, Chef Mimmo never leaves anyone hungry.

Chef Mimmo and his team welcome you to Trattoria Da Mimmo. Buon appetito!

3 Clover Way,

Singapore 579078

Tel/WhatsApp: +65 90882659

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Chef Mimmo's story begins in San Marzano, Italy. Growing up "the typical old-fashioned farmer way", Chef Mimmo's love for culinary delights began with his childhood memories of homemade food and wine. A quaint village in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, his hometown is infused with history - he remembers growing up surrounded by the legacy of Pompeii and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast.

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Drawn by the love of adventure, Mimmo travelled all around Italy and globe-trotted his way to Singapore. After only a short time here, he left for Tuscany to pursue his passion for meat, something he still finds irresistable today. He returned to Singapore and set to work refining his signature Tuscan-style dishes, with inspiration from the comfort food of his childhood.

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